From Tatiana Smalovschi (Owner of Nantucket Ocean Treasure):

As a child I spent endless hours doing arts and crafts.  I loved it all, from drawing and crocheting to making string bracelets and drying flowers and seeds. I do believe my grandma was an inspiration for me she designed patterns for big wool woven rags and did lots of needlepoint.
Growing up in Moldova I spent my summers at my grandmas village dreaming about sea and ocean. Every year we took a small trip to the see and I will spend hours looking for a perfect shell or beautiful stone, at that time I wasn’t familiar with the sea Glass.

Ten years ago I had a chance to came to magnificent Island of Nantucket. The beauty of the ocean stole my heart. Here I learned about Sea Glass and the hunt for it.

My love for jewelry and craft inspired me to design Sea Glass Jewelry incorporated with gemstone and fresh water pearls and create mosaic of Mermaids and Nantucket maps made with Sea Glass. Jewelry has always been my passion.
My collection features unique Nantucket sea glass jewelry and mosaic art made with local and some Cape Cod sea glass which is carefully selected for each of these one-of-a-kind, handmade designs. All my sea glass is comprised with precious and semi-precious gemstones, adding to the natural beauty and elegance of the stylish seaside town where it is created. Affixed to delicate sterling silver or 14kt gold filled chains and high quality charm components to obtain a very elegant and exquisite unique peace that breathes ocean freshness and tranquility.

My jewelry is very sentimental, with a romantic spirit.

All my jewelry and mosaic art work is for those who love the beach and want to capture a little piece of Nantucket to wear all year’ round.

Special orders are welcome.